Fly Tipped
Waste Services

We can identify and remove any amount of fly tipped waste, be it soil, chemical, animal, hazardous or more.

The word “Fly” in Fly Tipping, comes from around 1850 when the word was used to describe “On the Move”.  It was then coupled with tipping to create the term we all know today as Fly-Tipping.

Fly Tipping has become an inherent problem in the UK and has been for many years, and costs councils in excess of £50m per year.  Fly tipping is an illegal act and can cause serious environmental issues.  With fly tipping sites found in the UK, on average of 2700 times a day, companies like Foxhall Environmental are set up to deal with this fly tipping epidemic.


All kinds of different waste types are fly tipped in the UK such as:

All kinds of different waste types are fly tipped in the UK such as:

  • Household Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines
  • Animal Carcass fly tipping

The types of land where most fly tipping occurs, is roadsides, fields, alley ways, and especially urban areas.   Aside from being a highly illegal activity, fly tipping is hazardous to health, spoils our beautiful countryside, and fly tipping ruins our quality of life!

Foxhall Environmental Services Ltd, are perfectly set up to deal with fly tipped waste.  Fly tipping is something we strongly believe should be eradicated and stopped.  This however will not put an end to the problem of fly tipped waste being deposited around our country.

The land that belongs to you should never be a target for fly tippers, but we know all too well that it can be.  We have completed fly tipping removal works hundreds of times over, and we always make sure the fly tipped waste is disposed of in a correct and lawful manner.

Hazardous Waste

With our very own waste transfer station we can ensure that any hazardous fly tipped waste is disposed of the correct way, providing you with a full waste consignment note, a legal document required when your Hazardous fly tipped waste is disposed of.

Household Waste

General household fly tipped waste, is taken to a recycling centre, and the items from the fly tip that are able to be recycled are.  Again, a waste transfer note will be given to you to show you exactly what has happened with the fly tipped waste.

Cost Effective

We know that fly tipped waste isn’t your fault and is a cost you could really do without.  With this in mind, Foxhall have created a pricing structure to get rid of your fly tipped waste easily and cost effective.

Foxhall Environmental have worked for many clients tackling the collection and disposal of fly tipped waste.
These include:

So, what do you do if you discover fly tipped waste?

Own Property with fly tipped waste

Give us a call on 0330 1188777 where every member of our team is highly trained in the treatment of fly tipped waste.  We will talk you through your various options, and please make sure you have a photograph to hand of the fly tipped waste so we can give you informed advice.  Once we have advised about the fly tipped waste and you have received your quotation, we can arrange to have this removed within 48 hours.

Fly tipped waste not on your property

Get a photo!  Although you won’t be paying for this service we all have a duty to keep our country free from fly tipped waste.

Give us call on 0330 1188777, and we will contact the relevant council or person that is responsible for getting rid of the fly tipped waste.

Help Foxhall rid the UK of fly tipping!