How is Foxhall demonstrating Social Distancing guidelines on site?

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There is no question that the recent times have shaken each and every business like never before. 

The shake has been manageable for most of those companies which have managed to work from home.

How do you proceed in an industry which is dependent on manual labour working close to each other, or using old operating systems that still use paper?

We are one of the most affected countries in the world for COVID-19 deaths according to recent figures.

Whilst we are trying to attain normality, this is a real issue.

How can waste companies demonstrate absolute social distancing rules if Operatives have to sign, exchange, and receive documents?

In my opinion the only way to move forward while adhering to social distancing policies, is to adopt new technology.

What are we doing to help?

Four years ago Foxhall Environmental adopted a paperless system.

It has been testing during this time, but highly effective. It is now a huge advantage for social distancing.

We have been working with our system partner Big Change, in developing a highly customer friendly bespoke system during this down time.

This new system offers contactless signatures, incorporating site operative mobile phones for remote signatures. 

How it Works

Once the driver has completed their section of the consignment note, then a request is made to the site operative for their mobile telephone number.

  • This is entered into the system where a signature box is sent.
  • The Operative signs and returns.
  • This is automatically uploaded to the relevant part of the note. 

From this, we can clearly demonstrate the eradication of contact with any site personnel within two meters. 

We are also adopting a strict personal protective equipment policy.

This isn’t new to our Operatives. We are experienced in the transport of hazardous substances such as:

Contactless signatures will be a major part of our daily operating procedures for quite some time yet as it seems this pandemic isn’t going away any time soon.

If you would like to discuss this in detail please send your requests to or call 0330 1188 777