Why…..Lack of Education, Ignorance or Greed?

It astounds me that with the availability of information and the awareness of the dangers of Asbestos, backed up by government legislation, there are still so many issues arising on site.

Most of these issues are centred around smaller trades including builders, electricians, plumbers, joiners, roofers, window fitters etc.

A prime example, today I received a call from a panic-stricken women in Halifax who had recently some building work undertaken in her kitchen around the cooker.

The builder obviously hadn’t followed protocol having a pre-works Asbestos Refurbishment survey done because they removed an unidentified sheet which they left it in the centre of her kitchen saying ‘’I can’t touch that, it looks like Asbestos’’

This sheet was still their post completion, with no arrangements in place by the builder, despite there being a toddler and a young couple living in the house.

The women was then left with the task to have the Asbestos removed, as identified by the builder, by her none the wiser husband who picked it up and placed it in the garden, potentially causing further spread of contamination.

We made arrangements to have the sheet collected and disposed at our Leeds transfer station but before it was disposed a sample was taken and analysed, which tested positive for Amosite insulation boarding, a nasty substance which requires a licensed contractor to remove.

Firstly, the builder should have had a survey completed on the area he was working, prior to the works commencing.

Secondly, if he suspected the material to be Asbestos he should have stopped the works immediately and called an Asbestos removal company to inspect with the aim of removing or encapsulating in accordance with current legislation.

The builders’ unprofessional ignorant approach has most likely contaminated a household with a young family, causing a long-term harm.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a rare case and we hear about this weekly, I often approach trades people and ask what they do about protecting themselves and others from the dangers of Asbestos, I often hear ‘I’ve done my Asbestos awareness course’ but strangely don’t employ a surveyor to inspect the working area prior to commencement

Worse still I’ve been told on many occasions, when asked what they do with their Asbestos waste that they ‘put it in a black bag and throw it in the skip’

Ignorance isn’t an excuse, most trades are breaking the law, causing harm for the sake of a quick and easy job, with maximum profit.

Our main aim is to promote awareness and offer cost effective, legal and compliant solutions to the problem.

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Jonathan Gilroy