Environment Agency Compliance Audit of our Asbestos Waste Transfer Station

On the 22nd of May 2015 Foxhall Environmental Services Ltd received an unannounced audit of our Asbestos waste transfer station, in Leeds, from the Environment Agency. The inspection included a site walk around (checking containers, site diary, asbestos filtration system etc) and through all related documentation.

The inspection was a success, quote ‘no problems found’. Our daily site checks and weekly audits by a third party are proving to be a success.

It’s important to remember that these asbestos waste transfer station audits are vital to the industry, as the ensure that it is maintaining high levels of standards, whilst  highlighting the companies that are non compliant. Asbestos removal companies have a ‘Duty of Care’ to use licensed companies, ensuring that their hazardous waste follows the correct path to landfill.

Foxhall Environmental Services Ltd have an ‘open book’ policy allowing customers and potential customers the opportunity to visit and inspect our facility to place their minds at rest that the ‘Duty of Care’ is safe in our hands.

Managing Director of Foxhall Environmental Services, Jonathan Gilroy said of the successful audit “This success of the audit is an example of how we maintain our Asbestos Waste Transfer Station. I’m happy with the outcome of the report and endevour to push the high levels of standards expected within the industry”.